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About Me

I have been book blogging since August 2010 but until now I have never really had what I felt was a permanent location. This site will be what I hope is that location.

I first got into book blogging because I wanted to talk about what books I was reading or finished reading but none of my family or friends wanted to hear about it. I don't blame any of them because if given half the chance I could go non-stop on that topic.

I mostly like to read Young Adult Fiction but will read anything that picks up my interest. My blog will have book reviews, book news, and everything book related that I can squeeze into this site, depending on what I am able to do.

I am a college student and I am very serious about school when I am not procrastinating.

Right above my posts you will see places that you can find me beside this site. Or you can go to my awesome Contact Me page and send me an e-mail. I put a lot of time into that page so I hope you like it as much as I do. If you want to reach me directly you can email me at letdownyourlonghair(at)yahoo(dot)com.


  1. "I am very serious about school when I am not procrastinating..." Haha, I am so with you there! What are you majoring in?

    1. Right now I am hoping to major in computer science or something similar. I still feel as if I am looking for a major.

    2. So do you really have long hair :) ? Just curious. I really like Rapunzel
      And what major did you end up choosing if you have chosen one?
      I recently graduated from college too and am now working in a profession that involves some computer science.


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