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Review Policy

Updated 1/7/2012

All Of My Reviews Include:
  • cover art
  • publish date/ publisher
  • Format
  • ISBN
  • ??? pages
  • Series?
  • age group
  • Source:
  • Challenge:
  • GoodReads
  • summary/ synopsis (taken from GoodReads)
  • my thoughts and/or feelings about the book
I strive to give my honest opinion on each book and that means that if I do not like a book I will say so. However, I will try to be fair and rational when stating my case. This will probably not happen very often though because if I do not enjoy books I am not afraid to DNF it. My reviews can also be found on GoodReads, LibraryThing, and Random Buzzers.

What I Will Review:

Although a majority of the reviews on Escape the Tower are Young Adult I will take Adult Fiction as well. Each book will be accepted/ declined on a case to case basis.

I will not read:

  • poetry
  • non-fiction
  • extremely religious books

I will accept self-published authors.

I will only accept e-books that are compatible with the Nook (preferably ePub but I will accept PDF), and physical copies.

I can't stand to read books out of order. If the book that you wish me to review is a series I ask that you send the prior books so that I can have a complete picture of the world that you have created.

My Review Will Be Posted:

It depends on my schedule and how many requests that I have. I try to post reviews in a timely manner but depending on the above reasons my reviews may come out later then I expected. I will however try my hardest to make sure that they come out as soon as I can get them. My reviews are scheduled in advance and I have a list of the schedule up on my blog. They are posted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

However, if you have a specific date that you wish for me to post my review on please ask and I will set the date on my public calender.


All of the books that I review are either bought or provided for by the publisher or author. I do not receive/ accept monetary compensation for my reviews.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Review Policy. If you are an author or publisher and you wish to contant me please do so by filling out the form located on the Contact Me page.

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