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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Booking Through Thursday (5)

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly book meme about (mostly) books and reading, hosted by Booking Through Thursday.

Some people are like my uncle, and they read four or five books a week, every week. Some are like my father, and read four or five books in a year.

How many books do you read in a week? Month? Year?
I don't really have a set book count per week, month, or year. I just am always trying to read more than I did last time. I like to see how many I can read and if I can get a personal best. It makes up for not liking to run.

What’s the best book or series of books you’ve read so far this year?
So far my favorite book that I have read this year would have to be Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf. It is a series but the first book only came out this year so I can't really say if I like the sequels as much. If I like a book more than that one than I can't really remember right this minute.

What’s the worst book you read this year? Did you finish it?
Oh. Gosh. For some reason I am finding this to be much harder than the last question. The worst book. Since I have only started to keep track of the books that I have read in August I am going to go by them. It would have to be my recent read called "Written on the Body"by Jeannette Winterson. Sadly I did finish it in a sense. I had to read the book for my Intro to Literature class and even though I was forced to skim in some areas I like to think that the two weeks that we spent discussing the book made up for that.

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