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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Booking Through Thursday (7)

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly book meme about (mostly) books and reading, hosted by Booking Through Thursday.

Most people I know enjoy some sort of mystery stories. My mother-in-law loved police and courtroom procedural novels. My mother likes detective fiction. There are also murder mysteries, general mysteries, and hard-boiled detective stories, with protagonists such as Sherlock Holmes, Sam Spade, Amelia Peabody, Kinsey Millhone, Mamur Zapt, and Perry Mason to name a few.

Do you enjoy reading mysteries?
I like some mystery in my books but I don't like books that are only mysteries. I get to impatient to find out what is happening sometimes that I will skip ahead and once I find out who did it I am no longer interested in finishing the book.

What’s your favorite kind of mystery?
My favorite kind of mystery is the kind that I can solve.

Do you like plenty of blood and guts, or do you prefer the details to be left to the reader’s imagination?
I like books to be explained and if that includes blood and guts than I would prefer for it to be there. If it is important for the plot and for the reader to get an idea of what is going on I would like it there. Sometimes it is not really needed to go into that much detail and just knowing that it happened it good enough.

Do you prefer mystery stories based in the author’s time or in previous centuries?
I love both. If the author can pull off a story set in a time that they are really not that familiar with and make it believable than I am all for that.

Do you prefer mysteries based in your own country, or in distant lands?
I don't mind books that are based in different places but I find that I am not as able to picture it. I do find that good authors always explain the setting in a way that I always have at least a vague sense of what it looks like and then I use my imagination to really picture it.

Do you like to figure out the solution, or do you allow yourself to be carried away with the story?
I like to try to figure out what is happening but most of the time I get to carried away with the story to be able to look at the book in an objective manner. I do always have my own beliefs on who the bad guy is and I get unnaturally excited when I am right.

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