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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Geek Magnet by Kieran Scott

Published May 29th 2008 by Putnam Juvenile
ISBN 9780399247606
308 pages
Series? No
Rating: PG
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Everyone loves KJ Miller, especially the geeks. She's pretty, smart, and super nice to everyone, which has made her the geek pied piper of Washington High. If only Cameron, the star of the basketball team, would follow her around and worship her the way her dorky entourage does.

As the stage manager of the spring musical, Grease, KJ has to deal with a few geeks, but she also gets to hang out with Tama, queen of the popular crowd and star of the play. Tama has the solution to all of KJ's problems: get cruel. After all, the nice girl never gets the guy. Can KJ actually pull off a transformation into a mean girl?

Cover. I find that the cover is very self-explanatory and simple. Yet I really like the simplicity of it. You have the girl cowering from a geek. And yet I could not imagine Katie Jean as the girl on the cover. It was repeatedly mentioned that she was short, with red hair, and ginormous boobies. The cover is definitely more of a brown. It was not so much the cover that attracted me to this book as the title and summary.

Plot. Finally, finally, finally, a book were there are geeks as the main love interest. And I mean that in the best way possible. In a niche where all of the love interests have to be brooding, stoic, dark hair, pale skin, and completely apart from any group this book made my week. The love interests all had hobbies. They did things with other people and I could have cried from the shear beauty of it. I also found the book hilarious. I could not stop laughing and there were many parts were I had to cover my mouth for fear of looking like the biggest dork just sitting there reading a book with that ridiculous smile there. Yes, there were points where I wanted to throttle Katie Jean but what book don't I get a little mad at the characters? None. I liked the fact that while she did do some pretty harsh things that she learned from her mistakes and she had to actually work to gain back the friendships with a few of the people that she hurt.

Character(s). I dislike names where you say the actual letters. I can never say them right when I am reading. So let us call her Katie Jean. I was most firmly in her side of the camp through out the beginning of the book because I found Glenn rather creepy. Yet she also had a few other geeks who followed her around and I could not bring myself to be mad at them. They were cute and sweet and while once or twice one of them did something that I found questionable they all had good intentions. I did not like Tama from the beginning and so found almost all of Katie Jean's actions in the middle when she was with Tama detestable. My favorite geek was Fred.

Recommend? Yes.

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