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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

Published April 6, 2010 by Harper
Format: Hardcover
ISBN 9781841497129
391 Pages
Series? Darkest Powers| 3
Rating: High School
Source: Borders
Challenge: None

My name is Chloe Saunders. I'm fifteen, and I would love to be normal.

But normal is one thing I'm not.

For one thing, I'm having these feelings for a certain antisocial werewolf and his sweet-tempered brother—who just happens to be a sorcerer—but, between you and me, I'm leaning toward the werewolf.

Not normal.

My friends and I are also on the run from an evil corporation that wants to get rid of us—permanently.

Definitely not normal.

And finally, I'm a genetically altered necro-mancer who can raise the dead, rotting corpses and all, without even trying.

As far away from normal as it gets.

This is my happens to be my favorite book of the series.

Yet for me it is always really hard for me to write reviews for sequels and the books after the sequels because it is so hard to keep the most important things out while still saying why I liked or disliked a book. But I am going to try anyway. Here goes:

Derek finally changes into a wolf in this one.

Okay, that was okay to say. I mean as the last book of the trilogy everyone was thinking that the boy better finish his change sometime. Right? Right. Let's try that again.

The book starts out slow again with Chloe either just waking up and lounging in bed thinking about what happened to get her there. In short it is the recap that all books that have more than one in the series have in order to remind you of what happened so that you don't get lost and throw the book at the wall across whatever room you are in. Then we get action in the form of a(n). . .  Not telling.

This book has less action than the second but more than the first because they spend most of it in the safe house and only a little out of it. Yet for all of the girly girls who want to see who Chloe ends up with that is resolved in this book. Speaking of the love triangle while I am really happy that it was not a big part of the book I am slightly sad that we could not have had Simon talk a little more about his side of it. Yet on a good note I am really excited to say that Simon does finally drop his happy-go-lucky attitude in this book and show how he really feels about what is going on.

The book was all about standing up to someone. Simon, Chloe, Tori, Derek (only somewhat), Liz and the awesome demi-demon. I liked the demi-demon, personally. She was funny and she had a lot of answers for the three throughout the books.

I do now officially like Tori. She won't ever be my favorite character but that is fine by me because I started out with really disliking her and now think of her as that slightly annoying, completely hormonal sibling that bugs her occasionally but you still like. I should know this feeling as I am the youngest daughter of three girls. We are all two years apart from each other. Not exactly but close.

The reason that I like this series so much is the fact that it never really ends. For an example I know for a fact that Kelley Armstrong has short stories in a couple of anthologies that continue where The Reckoning left off. If you have read any of Kelley Armstrong's books than the fact that The Reckoning is not as concluded as most other books would not surprise you and in fact be exciting because that means that Chloe's story is not over.

Here are some Random Facts:

Fact: I read somewhere that she was thinking of having The Gathering characters meet The Darkest Powers characters.

Fact: The necklace changing color was not in her original plot but because someone (can't remember who want the color changed on the cover she had to put in in last minute.

That is all I have for you without having to actually look it up. Come again soon!

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