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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Changes in NetGalley

I used NetGalley for a while back in high school when I was Like a Kid in a BookStore. I did less posts than I do now and all of them were reviews. Nothing special. I also had no clue what I was doing or what in the world a meme was. I loved talking about books and that is all I did.

Until my book slump of epic proportions, my laziness toward writing a review for every single book that I read (which at the time was a whole lot), my sinking grades (because of the fact that I was reading instead of studying), and the family computer breaking on me (we could have the computer on for five minutes before it would force a shutdown until finally we couldn't even finish turning the computer on before it would shut off.) All of that combined gave me a pretty good idea that maybe the universe wanted me to take a small break from blogging. Just a small hint.

Well. I graduated high school and I got a little gift. Make that a huge gift. I got a computer for finishing high school and I started college immediately after. I became a teensy weensy obsessed with my grades. More specifically the letter grade A. So I did not start blogging right away. After a few semesters of college I started to feel like I was in the groove of things and started thinking about going back to my blog.

Yeah, I did not like that idea. I wanted to start fresh because I sort of knew what I was doing a whole lot better. I did about a ton on research and I started fresh with War Between the Books, and then Escape the Tower, which is what I have now. Pretty soon I remembered my old NetGalley account and decided "What the heck?" and signed up for some books. 

I was most certainly expecting to be rejected a few times because I had just come out of a long hiatus and I needed to build up more street cred. (See, I can use slang. Just don't try and get me to say it.) I was automatically accepted for one and accepted by a self published author for the second book. It was what was in the rejection letters that clued me in the big changes. They told me to check out the criteria again. Or else they mentioned a notice that had not been there when I had requested the book about not working with bloggers at that time. I always check the criteria before I request. I am so detail obsessed that I triple check the criteria. I had everything they asked for.

So I Googled it.

I did not like what I found. But I am complaining about it so you must already know that. I don't want to say what they are doing because I don't really know what is really going on but is anyone else being rejected where they were once accepted? Or am I being paranoid? I don't remember having to jump through so many hoops last time I used this site.

P.S. You can thank NetGalley for me now posting something every single day.

P.P.S. Does anyone know any good alternatives to NetGalley?


  1. Oops. I've never heard of NetGalley and after reading only halfway through this post I got so excited (nothing calls my name like the mention of free books) I rushed off to NetGalley to make an account and a request... and then read the rest of your post...I will probably be rejected too, haha. But thanks anyway for letting me know this site exists. As soon as I gain more "street cred" myself... I will be back. :D

    1. Ha ha ha. That is really funny. I mean that in a completely apologetic way, of course. Although I did not notice until I published this post how dang long it was. I am glad that I could help you find a new website, though.

      Thank you for stopping by! Come back soon!

  2. One more thing - I'm not sure if you've heard of these sites already, but here's my list of places to hoard free books from:

    There's also BookSneeze which is similar to NetGalley but it's not on the list because I'm not qualified. (They require a minimum of 6-month-old blog and 30 followers.)

    1. Thanks for the sources. I checked them out and while I have heard of some of the sites mentioned I plan to look into a few of the ones that are new to me. Thank you for your suggestions.

    2. You're welcome. Glad we can exchange tips.


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