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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Tale of Two Proms by Cara Lockwood

Published December 2011 by Cara Lockwood
Format: eBook
ISBN 9781937776237
221 Pages
Series? Bard Academy| 4
Rating: High School
Source: NetGalley
Challenges: 2012

It was the best of prom, it was the worst of prom. 

Miranda Tate returns for her senior year at Bard Academy and she is counting on two things: Prom with her boyfriend, Heathcliff, and then graduation from the haunted boarding school where fictional characters come to life. Fate, however, has other plans. 

When Catherine Earnshaw, Heathcliff's long-lost love, appears on campus, suddenly everything she thought she knew about Heathcliff is changed forever. Catherine seems determined to win Heathcliff back, even if that means destroying Bard Academy and banishing its ghostly teachers - for good. 
Miranda and her friends face their most daunting challenge, yet, which will take them for the first time inside the classics that have powered their mysterious boarding school. It's up to them to save Bard Academy - and prom. Can Miranda change her destiny and Heathcliff's? Or is this one story that was written in the stars?

This is the fourth and last book of the Bard Academy series. The other three are in order: Wuthering High, The Scarlett Letterman, and Moby Clique.

The stories each have something to do with the classic book that they are named from but the main character is Miranda Earnshaw Tate, a teenage girl who found out in the first book that she is related to Catherine Earnshaw of Wuthering Heights fame. She and her friends as well as her love interest Heathcliff, also from Wuthering Heights, save the school from disaster.

In the first few books we see how Heathcliff fights for Miranda's attention and heart against Ryan but in the fourth book it is Miranda's turn to be worried. And worried she is as Catherine comes onto the scene and hatches a plan with Miranda's mortal enemy, Parker Rodham, a girl that has tried to make Miranda's life miserable when she briefly dated Ryan.

While in the novels before this one I was not fond of Samir and his cowardly ways in this book I could not stand him. It seemed like every other page forced me to listen to his whining and stupidity and any page that did not feature him was a welcome relief. Hana reminded me too much of Hermione Granger and her inability to believe in something that could not be found in a book. And I was just over Ryan. But all of those things are a personal preference. I still liked Miranda and Heathcliff and the addition of Sydney Carton was amazing.

My favorite scene was near the end and I wish that there could have been more scenes with Miranda and Heathcliff and maybe they could of had the conversation that Miranda had realized that they really needed at the end also.

So normally I don't care about the writing but I only have one thing to mention. I don't know if the copy offered from NetGallay was an Advanced Reader Edition or if it was the final copy but the editing was rather bad. I was forced to read sentences multiply times not only to try to figure out what was being said but how it should have been said I order to make sense. That is never good.

Despite how harsh I seem with this book it is actually one of my all time favorites. Sure, it is mostly because I just love this series but I don't care. This book was also an excellent end for such an amazing series and the fact that it was able to have such a happy ending despite what happens to a few main characters is a very nice surprise.

I would recommend that everyone read this series and if you like it tell your friends and comment/friend me here or Twitter. If you don't like it I insist that you keep it to yourself but still follow/friend me.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Great to hear you liked it! Since reading the first one I've been waiting for Miranda to finally get to enter the book world! I'm kind of glad I opted to skip the second and third and go straight to the last book if what you say about the love triangle is true. I don't get it - Heathcliff is the most creative of supernatural loves and Ryan is just another cardboard-stock cliche.

    I'm following you on Twitter!

    Annie in Wonderland


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