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Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Real Thoughts on Love Triangles

I don't like love triangles and while I will read about them in single books I get really annoyed if I am forced to read about it in a series. The reasons:

  1. I think that love triangles make the actual romance less romantic.
  2. I hate when they choose the guy that I don't like.
  3. I get sick of the internal debate that they all eventually spend the majority of the book engaged in.
  4. Someone always ends up alone.
  5. It is always the person that is loved by two people that gets to choose.
  6. It is so overdone.
Grrrrrr! I get it. Love triangles are selling but stop writing them. Please? Or at the very least don't make the love triangle the most prominent part of the book. I am sick of girls whining about whether they would rather be with the hot guy with the bad boy reputation or the hot guy with the nice guy reputation. I am sick of them having to choose between two hot guys.

It is not fair. There are perfectly nice girls out there who don't have two hot guys fighting over them.

It is not fair. And it seems that the plot always vanishes whenever hot bad boy enters stage left or hot nice guy enters stage right.

Questions for the audience: Do you like love triangles?
Weren't they better when they were not in every book you read?
Are you sick of everyone blogging about how much they dislike love triangles?
Have you ever wanted the opposite person that the main character chose?
And what was the book and guy that you wanted to keep for yourself win?

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