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Thursday, March 8, 2012

30 Day Book Meme: Day 17

30 Day Book Meme
Day 17: Favorite Quotes From Your Favorite Books

Kelley Armstrong, The Reckoning

"The upshot of her triade was that I was the devil's spawn and should be locked up in a tower before I unleashed hordes of the living dead to slaughter them all in their sleep. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration , but not by much."

Cara Lockwood, The Scarlet Letterman

That's when there's a new sound at my door that has nothing to do with music. It's a loud thump, followed by a thud. When I rush to the hall, I see the Guardian who's normally standing there crumpled in a heap at my feet.

Above him is Heathcliff, fists clenched at his sides in a fighting stance.

Before I even think twice about it, I throw my arms around his neck and hug him. It's like hugging a wall, he's that broad and tall.

"You've come to save me!" I say, stating the obvious.

"Duh," Hana says, stepping out from behind Heathcliff. Samir is with her, too.

"So you and Heathcliff really are friends now."

"Not exactly friends, but working on it," Hana says.

"Come on, we don't have much time," Samir says. "Everyone is at the dance. Now's our chance."

. . .skipped a lot. . .

"Wow—nice! Samir says when we emerge about ten minutes later. I'm wearing my only formal dress—a peach-colored chiffon halter dress—with my hair thrown up in a messy bun, and enough smoky eye shadow so that even my own mother might not recognize me. But then again, that's the point. I'm supposed to be in disguise. Besides, I'm showing off enough leg so most people probably won'd be looking at my face. In face, Heathcliff is staring at a spot just above my knees. When he catches me looking at him, he flushes, ever so slightly. I guess that means he approves.

Patricia Briggs, Cry Wolf

         "You haven't been sweating have you? Are your socks dry? I brought spares. Wet socks mean frostbite—you could loose a toe."

         She wiggled her snowshoes, which dangled a foot or so off the ground. "I thought being a werewolf meant indestructible, short of death."

        Something in her face told him she was thinking about the beatings she'd been given to try to make her into something she was not.

       "It might grow back," Charles said, soothing Brother Wolf, who didn't like it when Anna was unhappy. "But it wouldn't be fun."

      "Cool." Then as an afterthought she told him. "My socks are dry."

     "Let me know if that changes."

Bruce Brooks, Midnight Hour Encores

"Really?" I laugh and blush. "I never thought of myself as being unself-conscious."

He laughs. "Exactly."

I think about it for a minute, watching him drive. "I know why you think I'm so spontaneous. It's because I feel happy." He says nothing. "Want to know why I feel happy?"

He glides onto a straight, dark rod that takes us high above the twinkling bay. "I think I know already," he says.

"I bet you do." I close my eyes to say it: "I'm in love."

He smiles, glances at me, and says, "I'm glad you realize it."

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