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Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Quit

No one can say that I did not try but I quit. Before you panic, I am not quitting my awesome and rewarding blog. I mean trying to put up a blog post for every day. That stuff is hard. I am an overworked college student just trying to make my way in this world and for some reason when I am caught up or ahead on my reviews I never have enough non-book review posts and yet now that I have a few months advance on those I can't read fast enough to post reviews more than a few days a week if any. So I am going back to my lots of book reviews and the occasional meme. But only when I have inspiration to do one.

Thanks to Annie @ Annie in (Book Reviews) Wonderland I no longer have to rely on NetGalley for free ebooks. Here is the link that she has on her site in order to get Free eBooks.

Yayyyyy! Now I have more time to read and less time to stress.

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