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Monday, April 16, 2012

Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead

Published November 2008 by RazorBill
Format: Paperback
ISBN 9781595141972
443 Pages
Series? Vampire Academy | #3
Rating: High School
Source: Library
Challenges: 2012

Rose Hathaway knows it is forbidden to love another guardian. Her best friend, Lissa-the last Dragomir princess-must always come first. Unfortunately, when it comes to gorgeous Dimitri Belikov, some rules are meant to be broken...

But since making her first Strigoi kills, Rose hasn't been feeling right. Something dark has begun to grow in her mind, and ghostly shadows warn of a terrible evil drawing nearer to the Academy's iron gates. And now that Lissa and Rose's sworn enemy, Victor Dashkov, is on trial for his freedom, tensions in the Moroi world are higher than ever.

Lying to Lissa about Dimitri is one thing but suddenly there's way more than friendship at stake. The immortal undead are on the prowl, and they want vengeance for the lives that Rose has stolen. In a heart-stopping battle to rival her worst nightmare, Rose will have to choose between life, love, and the two people who matter most..but will her choice mean that only one can survive?

I Liked:
  • No Recap chapter. Richelle Mead did a much better job of integrating the previous stories into the present story. Now all she has to do is learn to stop repeating the same explanation every time.
  • Rose was assigned someone else for her field experience. Because of this there was less of Lissa and her problems. A win-win scenario for me.
  • Lissa seems to at least try to be a better friend. They actually have a conversation that does not revolve around Lissa. There is a first.
  • "I'd fallen for him because...well, because he was Dimitri. Because he was sweet, strong, funny, fierce, and gorgeous. Because he understood me." I love that she has reason other than his looks. Yes, that is there but there are other things, too.
  • She does not automatically think that she is in love with Dimitri.
  • People are trying to get Rose to question what her beliefs.
  • Rose reminds me of a female Dean Winchester.
  • "Dimitri pulled away so that he could look me in the eyes. he cupped my face in his hands. "You aren't. You won't,"he said. "I won't let you. No matter what, I won't let you." So sweet that I could get sick from it.
  • She waited until at least the third book for Rose to declare her eternal, die-for-someone, love. 
  • Adrian has really grown on me since he was introduced.
  • I did not see that coming. But I am really excited about it. Only good things can be in the fourth book. Especially after the speech that Rose gave someone that I don't really like. Don't guess.
I Did Not Like As Much:
  • Lissa. I have not liked this girl in the last two books and I have yet to start liking her yet. She was selfish, annoying, kind of dense, and all about herself.
  • The cover. Her hair on her shoulder looks like some kind of bug and it does not look pretty.
  • The beginning was a bit repetitive. Both because of the fact that we get the same explanation in this book as the second and first and because it seems we go forward one step and then back one step. The are not even going backwards.
  • Lissa uses compulsion left and right like it is going out of style and yet she thinks that she has the right to act houlier-than-thou on everyone.
  • Sometimes Rose can be too guardian rule oriented.
  • Rose really can not hold her emotions in and it is getting annoying.
  • She did not just do that. Is she allowed to kill Dimitri off like that? 
I Have Mixed Feelings About:
  • Rose realizes that she is being irrational. But she won't stop it. It really gets annoying after a while. Yet at least we get a better explanation by the end of the book.
  • Rose wants to protect Lissa. Yet she does this by not telling Lissa important things and I know from experience with books that this hinders more than it helps.
  • Are we going to find out why Rose can sense Strigoi?

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