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Monday, May 21, 2012

Halflings by Heather Burch

Published February 2012 by Zondervan
Format: eBook
288 Pages
Series? Halfling series | # 1
Source: NetGalley
Challenges: 2012

After being inexplicably targeted by an evil intent on harming her at any cost, seventeen-year-old Nikki finds herself under the watchful guardianship of three mysterious young men who call themselves halflings. Sworn to defend her, misfits Mace, Raven, and Vine battle to keep Nikki safe while hiding their deepest secret—and the wings that come with. 

A growing attraction between Nikki and two of her protectors presents a whole other danger. While she risks a broken heart, Mace and Raven could lose everything, including their souls. As the mysteries behind the boys’ powers, as well as her role in a scientist’s dark plan, unfold, Nikki is faced with choices that will affect the future of an entire race of heavenly beings, as well as the precarious equilibrium of the earthly world.

Nikki knows how to fight. Or at least that is what we are lead to believe. We get a lot of scenes where Nikki goes into some kind of fighting stance and yet she never does anything with it.

Action right in the beginning. The book jumps right into the action. This is good because it has your attention from the first page but at the same time if you have not read the prequel called 11:15 The Making of a Halfling then you may find yourself lost at some points.

Krissy. She was the stereotypical best friend of YA main characters. She is a social climber who is always trying to change into someone that she does not feel comfortable being. That is not a very good friend in my book and Krissy spends the entire book annoying me at the slightest mention of her,

Nikki has a motorcycle. I liked this fact until it was only used as a way for her and Raven to bond and have there very annoying love connection seem valid.

Funny. There were some parts that while I was reading this book I could not hold back a laugh. I especially love how the pop culture was all current to Nikki's age.

Cheesy dialogue. There was more than a little a few lines that I thought were too cheesy for words. They just seemed wrong and awkward. I tried to ignore it in the beginning but after a while it was hard to ignore and I had many flashbacks to Sailor Moon and Pokemon and how I sometimes laughed at inappropriate times because of what the characters said.

Mind scrambling lust. Nikki is sometimes literally unable to say a word in the presence of males. She says repeatedly that she is not attracted to guys and they are on the same level as furniture but she never fails to see Mace, Raven, and even Vine's muscles. Heck at one point she checks out a teacher. 

Too religious. I am not a fan of religion.

Insta-love. It is clear that Heather tries to make the relationships between Nikki and Mace and Nikki and Raven go gradually. I does not work with Mace and their relationship feels much too fast. It however works a bit too well when it came to Raven. The first half of the book has Raven complaining about her weakness but the second half without warning has Raven wanting her for his girlfriend for when he takes over the world.

Too many scene jumps. Sometimes there would be scene jumps that jumped over five minutes and when you came back you miss a very important scene. Instead of describing a car accident it would show them getting in the car and having a page or two of conversation. Then there would be a page break and on the other side Nikki would be bleeding and the accident would be described. There could have been less.

A love triangle by any other name is still a love triangle. I don't like love triangles and even though Raven still likes her while he hates her and Mace is trying to stay away from her Nikki was still completely in lust with the both of them.

Super hot people. What people are wearing or the outlines of their muscles are mentioned whenever anyone is mentioned and I believe that if they were taken out the book would have been over twenty pages shorter. The oddest thing is that even though the characters chest and arms were described in so much detail I don't have a very good idea on what their faces look like.

Mace, Vine, Zero, Vegan, Raven, Glimmer, Winter. I really disliked the names. It was even more annoying when I thought about the fact that Will was an angel and yet he got an action name and not a noun.

Damon. We don't really know much about him but he supposedly goes to college at thirteen and graduates two years later with a Master's degree in biology. That is impossible. I looked it up and usually people who get their masters get it after they have been working in their field for a while and it takes at least two years to get after your bachelor's degree. I know this is a really tiny thing but as a college student I am extremely conscious of these things.

Nikki. I got sick of her very easily. There were times that I really liked her but then she would do something really stupid and I wanted to scream. 

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