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Friday, June 15, 2012

666: The Number of the Beast by Various Authors

Published September 2007 by Scholastic Inc.
Format: Hardcover
ISBN 9780545021173
336 Pages
Series? Nope.
Source: Public Library
Challenges: 2012

This anthology brings together the best of today's horror writers in one spine-tingling collection. All of these stories are guaranteed to terrify! 

So lock the door. Turn on the lights. Don't answer the phone. Open the book...if you dare...

Only a few of the stories in this book are real stinkers. And even less of them are amazing. The majority of them are good but not that good. Because of the fact that these are short stories I have written a sentence or two of my first impression down after reading each stories.

Here we go:

Channel 99
• Weird and not in a good way.

The Legend of Anna Barton
• Awesome and creepy and I fully support Anna's decision.

Saving Face
• Not my favorite and the end barely makes up for it.

The Little Sacrifice
• This story is the reason show don't tell was invented.

If You Knew Suzie
• Definitely left me wanting more. I am never going to find out the truth an it sucks but I liked the story.

Slam Dance
• I watched a movie with a similar plot except it ended with everyone dead and the main character in an insane asylum.

A Trick of The Light
• The girlfriend has two names, Kyle and Kylie. Creepy but in a good way.

• I did not like it.

Empire of Dirt
• I have read a lot of her other stories and this one was just as interesting even though it resembles one that I did not really like.

Incident Report
• This story was painfully boring to me until the last few pages where I became completely confused.

• It starts out weird and slightly boring but after a few pages it got interesting.

Imagining Things
• This story is not boring but it is not interesting either.

Grandma Kelly
• Not my cup of tea.

Shelter Island
• I liked the story and found the concept interesting.

La Fleur De Nuit
• The story was very obvious but I still liked it.

Ever After
• This story is hard to describe but I almost did not finish it because of how gross it was. Then again most of the stories are gross.

• This could be a Goosebumps story and while I was sure it was when I got an idea of what could be going on I got really excited. I was so right.

• So does that mean she knew what she was all along. It tried too hard to be mysterious for my liking.

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