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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fading Into Magic by Vone Savan

Published October 25th 2011 by Vone Savan Enterprises, LLC
ISBN 9780983020141
276 pages (Advanced Reader Copy)
Series? Yes
Rating: PG-13
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After entering a mysterious tent at the annual Augury Carnival where the words: Come Inside and Discover Your Fortune are persuasively written, seventeen-year-old, Madeline Morgan and her best friend, Dara, come face to face with Madame Anca, an ominous fortune teller who portends the girls’ futures. For Dara, the experience is superficial. But for Madeline, things are different. Her fortune promises that she will soon find true love.

Spurred by Madame Anca’s enticing prediction and a coincidental attraction to an elusive new stranger, Madeline starts to believe that true love might actually exist. But love—like most things—isn’t always what it seems…and for Madeline, this discovery takes her on a dark and mystical journey that forces her to deal with the illusions of love and her own inner strength.

I would like to take the time to thank Vone Savan for kindly sending me a signed copy of this book.

Cover. There is something almost magical about this cover. It just looks like it houses an amazing book. The girl on the cover looks like she is gently floating through space on an autumn day. Autumn happens to be a favorite time of mine. The colors are just beautiful. Also if you turn the cover upside down and only look at the dress it makes her dress look like a flower. Although I am not quite sure how Madeline is able to walk in that thing because when she is walking it must drag on the ground in a very awkward way.

Plot. This did not make that much sense to me. She and her friends are supposed to be in their senior year of high school and while the language of the books backs that up the way they acted constantly made me think that they were in middle school. I am not quite sure what, I, as a reader am supposed to think. The events that set the plot into motion had already happened. This book mostly deals with the consequence of events that happened before Madeline was born. I did not really like that. However that did not really come into play until about half-way into the book. The first half of the book is very true to the description and it goes in the direction that one would expect but the twist comes more to the middle instead of the traditional end which give the feeling that you are reading more than you have.

Character(s). Madeline is the main character and a large part of her personality includes spinelessness. She lets everyone walk all over her and it is not helped by the fact that she seems consistently drawn to very strong-willed people. She is a drama queen. In fact, everyone in this book seems to react to things in a very over-the-top way. Yet because of the fact that everyone does it and it is extremely consistent it is easy to overlook after a while.

Recommend? Yes.

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