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Saturday, March 17, 2012

After Armageddon

There is something about post apocalyptic books that give me pause. I watched I, Legend. You know, the one with Will Smith in it. Well, what I did not know until the movie had been out a few years was the fact that there was a book that the movie was based on. And the books message was much more kinder toward the zombies that the movie had been. I have been thinking, since I had learned about the real ending, that I should think about thinking about reading that book. Sounds fun, huh? But back to the point.

Armageddons and apocalypses (apocalypsi?). According to blogger the correct plural for apocalypse is apocalypses. Go figure. All of those debates and it turns out all you need to do is add an 's' at the end of the word.

I actually looked up what the difference for the two words were. Armageddon is apparently the battle between good and evil in a contained area and the apocalypse is when evil wins and the entire world turns in to a cesspit. Not far away from what my room looks like according to my dad. My room is not messy. Really. I do clean it often.

Interesting fact. When I look up Armageddon I get a lot of astronaut images and a couple of space images. When I look up Apocalypse I get more pictures of deserted cities. Keep in mind that I am Googleing this stuff and only looking at the pictures on the first page.

Have you read either genres and what do you like the most about them?
Do you have any recommendations for a first timer?

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