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Monday, June 4, 2012

Effie at the Wedding by Tracy Marchini

Published March 2011 by Smashswords
Format: ebook
10 Pages
Series? No
Source: LibraryThing
Challenges: 2012

Effie has a million reasons why she's not thrilled to be at her sister's wedding -- and the monstrously pink bridesmaid's dress isn't even on the list. When Effie finds herself locked in the bathroom, she thinks she might just stay there. After all, it's better than hearing from her mom about how often she's been to the buffet or how beautiful Ophelia looks in her wedding dress.

In this hysterical young adult short story, Effie will have to find a reason to celebrate... or get used to her porcelain throne.

If this had been a scene in anything it would have been interesting but the problem with this short story is that it is short. Nothing that is not in the summary is in the short story. I felt lost as I read this story because it did not feel like a story. There was no beginning, middle, or end. It just is. Thank goodness for the price of free.

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