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Monday, November 28, 2011

2012 Reading Challenges

Is it that time already? It is almost 2012. Yikes! I am not nearly ready enough.

Okay so it is not that close. But a month and a week is a good amount of time to begin thinking about those 2012 reading challenges. Here's to hoping that I don't quit as fast as I did last year. I believe my record is a week. Well this time I am going to make it so that I can't lose. I am not going to pick any challenge that makes me read a specific book. Only ones where I get to choose what I am reading. And i just put my foot down, so ha!

Yep. I am determined to go through all the way with this. So far I know for a fact that I am going to try to read more books than I have read this year, 2011 but I don't really know many other challenges. Dang, I really should have done my research before posting this. Okay. Never fear, for I am Google Girl or GG for short. I have no affiliation with GoldCorp Inc.

There really isn't any text to go with this picture. I just thought that it was really funny. But if you do find any challenges that sound interesting I will not get mad if you comment me. I whole-heartedly encourage it. Even if that is not a word I still encourage comments to me. Please don't be shy.

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